Tomo software

The Tomography domain requires very powerful software packages for solving the various necessary tasks, like: data acquisition, data linearization, filtering, mathematical reconstruction algorithm, artifacts remover, materials content analysis and finishing with data visualization, analysis and storage. All our Tomography programs include the above features and are developed under LabViewtm G Language Software belonging to National Instrumentstm Company.

Our offer

We are designing and developing various types of programs dedicated to tomography domain, according with the customer demand. We are offering also consultancy and support activities for developing new applications, improving accuracy or new features implementation at existing equipment, like: removing beam hardening effect, special filters and algorithms, artifacts removers, materials identification, dual-energy technique, 2D and 3D visualization technique, etc. Some examples of the our existing dedicated programs are presented bellow:

Data Acquisition Program is programming the tomograph scanner movement and acquires the detectors data. Is working in conjunction with various Data acquisition boards for controlling the mechanical scanner and for acquiring data continuously during the movement. It displays the data acquired and some initial correction could be applied (bad pixels, linearity compensation, etc.) or the data could be converted to attenuation values using Gain and Offset data files. The program could work also in dual-energy configuration.
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Tomogram Reconstruction Program is specialized in tomogram reconstruction algorithm on data acquired with Data Acquisition Program. It is based on Filtered Back Projection reconstruction algorithm and uses various filters and special smoothing and enhancing data contrast technique, displaying the tomogram and the histogram of it. The program is using in the computation process only a pre-computed Look-up matrix that contains all the information about the matrix size, detectors number and positions, X-ray and matrix position, etc. The reconstruction time for a 400 x 400 slice (tomogram) computed from 400 projections is less than 7 seconds (2 GHz Pentium IV machine) running in LabViewtm. Much faster variants are available at request.
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Dual-Energy Program is using two tomograms acquired at two energies with Data Acquisition Program and reconstructed with Tomogram Reconstruction Program. Based on the two tomograms, the program computes and displays the tomograms of Atomic Effective number (Zeff) and Density (ρ) and could identify a specific material.
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