• Design and manufacturing dedicated X-Ray Radioscopy and Tomography equipments

Combining our basic R&D knowledge, mathematical algorithms development skills with our hardware and software design capabilities we could offer specialized tool for research or industrial use, exactly adapted to your needs.

  • High-Tech Research & Development Projects

ACCENT PRO 2000 offers high-tech customer demand equipment design, a complex turnkey solution in computerized control and process monitoring, in digital high accuracy measurements and in dedicated software solution. For some specific applications our design could integrate also the existing customer's equipments and facilities from which we adapt the required hardware, electronics and software packages. We are keeping in this way the most important goal of our specific design, respectively to offer a high-tech and low cost solution for your application.

  • Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation

Starting from the initially evaluation of the best suitable NDT method for the customer's products test and control, we are designing and developing a dedicated computerized control system for solving the customers' day-by-day production NDT problems. Our field of expertise is covering many domains, like: Industrial X and/or Gamma Ray Tomography, Digital radioscopy, Ultrasound technology, Acoustic Emission, Vibration Monitoring, Local density measurement, etc. Those domains are not limited, we can easily integrate in our design other NDT methods and equipments, in order to fulfill the entire customer specifications.

  • LabViewtm G language Software development

Our team is offering a customer design software development for fully managing your data, which could include: data acquisition and monitoring, high accuracy measurements, data filtering, data analysis, complex mathematical algorithm and sophisticated computer visualization, by using the LabViewtm G language from National Instrumentstm Corporation.


  • Consulting for New Business and Investments in Romania

We are offering consulting services for assisting your business expansion in Romania, for setting up a subsidiary or a Joint Venture company or looking for the best local partner.

  • Representative and Dealer Activity

ACCENT PRO 2000 has solutions for expanding your activities in Romania by being and/or finding your best Dealer or Representative in Romania. Our technical experience and connections in the Romanian market are our offer key of success for you.

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