Fast identification of threatening materials by X-ray dual-energy Radioscopy and Tomography is widely used in security measures.

We succeed to develop data analysis algorithms that could precisely identify materials in Radioscopy and Tomography by dual-energy technique.

An experiment is presented, made with a real hand luggage having inside a shoe, a book, a Coke bottle, a toothpaste tube, soap, cologne bottle, a photocamera and a cylinder of explosive simulant. The standard (in attenuation coefficients values) image and Atomic effective number images of the hand luggage are presented. A comparison between Explosive simulant Zeff value and Coke Zeff value shoes significant difference.
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Further investigation of the above luggage continues by doing a cross section tomogram in the region of the dashed line from above.
The two energies attenuation coefficients tomograms (B&W images) and also Zeffective (right) and Density (left) tomograms are presented This time the Zeffective value and the Density value for the simulant explosive material are measured with better accuracy and its identification is more precisely.

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