The design and development of high-resolution dual-energy X-ray Radioscopic and Tomographic mobile and autonomous system destined for fast identification of the explosive materials during the antitero interventions – acronym DUALTOMO .

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Project number: 81-003/18.09.2007 R&D Programme: PNII PC – D8 Security, financed trough CNMP
Project duration: 2007-2010
Project coordinator: ACCENT PRO 2000 S.R.L.
Project manager: Dr.Ing.Fiz. Mihai IOVEA;
Contact Info:
Nerva Traian 1, Bl K6, Sc 1, Ap 26,
Bucharest S3
031041 - ROMANIA
Tel/Fax/Answering machine: (4021)3204759
Mobile: (40) 745182660
Web Site:http://www.accent.ro"
E-mails: office@accent.ro ; miovea@pcnet.ro
Web page: http://www.accent.ro/dualtomo.html
Project main goal:

We aim to design and prototype manufacture a new “dual-energy” X-ray Radioscopy and Tomography system dedicated for the use within antitero interventions for the fast identification of the content of the suspect luggage and packages. More than any of the already existing systems from the market, that offers only images of the overlapped objects projections from luggage with coloured map of organic materials (a very vague class of materials which could equally be: water, soap, chocolate or C4, Semtex, etc), we hereby want to implement the following features:

  • Radioscopic images of luggage content represented in values of Atomic effective Number and computing the luggage weight;
  • 2D tomograms or cross-sections of scanned luggage with representations in Atomic effective Number and Density values, without any inside objects superimposing;
  • Measurement and identification of the dangerous substances by dual-energy X-rays Radioscopy and Tomography, trough high-accuracy measurements of Atomic effective Number and Density values and comparison with values from a database.
The general and specific objectives of the project are the followings:

  • Design, optimization and development of an autonomous mobile X-Ray system destined for increasing the antitero interventions efficiency by fast and accurate identification of the explosives from the suspect baggage and packages;
  • Design and development of a application-dedicated autonomous 2D detector based on fast translation of an X-ray linear array detector.
  • Design and development of a dedicated mechanical assembly for scanning geometries optimization in order to reach a very short time of intervention;
  • X-ray “dual-energy” technology improvement within the mobile radioscopy and tomography
  • Modeling and optimization of the function relating the Zeff and Density values with two energies radiation attenuation coefficients;
  • Modeling and development of high accuracy system calibration method;
  • Doing tests and experiments for improving the system performance;
  • Presentation of the system within conferences, demonstrations for the possible beneficiaries, performance presentation and promotion;
  • Presentation of some results in scientific papers.

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