Industrial Tomography. Industrial Tomography - which is analogous to medical tomography - is using the principle of radiation attenuation measurements along many directions (rays) passing through the investigated object at different angles (projections) and followed by the use of special mathematical algorithms for reconstructing the cross-section slice or 2D tomogram. By combining the successive 2D tomograms of the scanned object a 3D tomograms could be obtained...More.
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Tomo software. The Tomography domain requires very powerful software packages for solving the various necessary tasks, like: data acquisition, data linearization, filtering, mathematical reconstruction algorithm, artifacts remover, materials content analysis and finishing with data visualization, analysis and storage. All our Tomography programs include the above features and are developed under LabViewtm G Language Software belonging to National Instrumentstm Company...More. Our offer Materials identifications. The dual-energy method which could be successfully applied in Digital radiography (radioscopy) and also in Tomography is based on measurements of radiation attenuation coefficients acquired at two different X or Gamma rays energies from which, by means of a specialized and dedicated algorithm, could be computed the Atomic effective number (Zeff) and the Density (?) of the scanned objects...More.
Digital radioscopy. The Radioscopy is one of the most used and efficient Non-Destructive Testing methods, which combines the simplicity of radiation exposure with the power of computer graphic analysis. There is no need for films and sometimes the visual interpretation is replaced by automate computer graphics analysis that makes this method one of the most reliable and easy to use in today's control technology...More. R&D Projects. The design and development of high-resolution dual-energy X-ray Radioscopy and Tomography mobile and autonomous system destined for fast identification of the explosive materials during the antitero interventions acronym DUALTOMO...More.
Security. Fast identification of threatening materials by X-ray dual-energy Radioscopy and Tomography is widely used in security measures. We succeed to develop data analysis algorithms that could precisely identify materials in Radioscopy and Tomography by dual-energy technique...More. Servicies
  • Design and manufacturing dedicated X-Ray Radioscopy and Tomography equipments
  • High-Tech Research & Development Projects
  • Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation
  • LabViewtm G language Software development
  • Consulting for New Business and Investments in Romania
  • Representative and Dealer Activity
  • More...
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